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What is voice recognition


Voice recognition, automatic transcription and quick transformation of dialogues into copy.

Today, the majority of voice recognition software requires dictation to the computer of the audio recording to be transcribed, and necessitates specific voice training of the computer to the speaker’s voice so as to allow it to recognise tone, volume and intonation.

While Trascrivi is based on a "speaker independent" voice recognition system since it is able to transcribe the recorded voice independently of the speaker, without any need for voice training.

Therefore Trascrivi is able to offer voice recognition, automatic transcription and quick provision of the audio transcription service.

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Register now on trascrivi.it, free of charge and with no commitment, to test the service immediately. You will receive a free assessment of your recording by a team of Cedat professionals within 48h (the original audio file is all-important in order to obtain top-quality transcription), along with a free transcription sample.