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Cedat 85’s "Speaker independent" automatic voice recognition technology is also App Mobile.

Record interviews, meetings, etc. with Smartphones and Tablets, Apples and Androids, store them and above all convert audio recordings into text at low costs and with short turnaround times.

The new 1.01 version is now available
Simple and intuitive
Listen to your recording and click to transcribe it
Access trascrivi.it to see the sample
Quick return of the transcription of your audio recording

Once you have downloaded the application onto your mobile phone, you need to perform the following steps:

Register free of charge, in just a few seconds and with no commitment, in order to receive your password to access the service;
Log in using the user name and password sent to you by Trascrivi;
Make an audio recording;
Upload the recorded file directly from your mobile phone;
Check the quality of the transcription free of charge.
If the quality of the transcription is as you expected, you can go ahead and purchase the “Easy” transcription service, choosing from the available price/delivery options.

Automatic transcription reproduces each word spoken by the speaker in a written format and maintains all spoken elements such as repetitions, unfinished sentences, self-correction and so-forth.

Register now free of charge

Register now on trascrivi.it, free of charge and with no commitment, to test the service immediately. You will receive a free assessment of your recording by a team of Cedat professionals within 48h (the original audio file is all-important in order to obtain top-quality transcription), along with a free transcription sample.