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Transcription and revision costs


Costs vary depending on the selected service, length of audio recording and turnaround times.

The decision to opt for automatic transcriptionof your audio recording, without any reworking at a syntactic and textual level, will result in the transcription of every word spoken by the speaker. Thus all spoken elements such as repetitions, unfinished sentences, self-correction and so forth will be maintained.

Depending on the required turnaround time, automatic transcription will cost as follows:

Costi trascrizione Easy

Customers wanting a precise transcription plus revision as regards syntax and grammar can request a customised quote in order to obtain a transcription that has been checked by our staff of professionals.

If you opt for professional transcription the copy will be rendered fluid and suitable for the customer’s specific needs.
Indeed, our professionals will make changes while re-reading texts and correct pronunciation mistakes, eliminating spoken elements that are insignificant in the written format (hesitation, reformulation, stock phrases), and checking the spelling of foreign nouns, abbreviations and proper nouns.

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Register now on trascrivi.it, free of charge and with no commitment, to test the service immediately. You will receive a free assessment of your recording by a team of Cedat professionals within 48h (the original audio file is all-important in order to obtain top-quality transcription), along with a free transcription sample.