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Suggestions for recording


Tips for good quality audio recording.

Trascrivi.it’s service is based on an automatic voice recognition system which make it possible to convert each word spoken by the speaker into text and to maintain all spoken elements such as repetitions, unfinished sentences, self-correction and so forth.

Therefore, the transcription is a word for word transcription of what is said, without any human reworking at a syntactic or textual level.

Hence, the audio file that is uploaded for transcription must be of excellent quality insofar as the system provides for recognition and transcription of all sounds contained in the file: repetitions, unfinished sentences, stuttering, hesitation, self-correction and all other aspects of the wide range of oral expression are transcribed as pronounced by the speaker, including background noise, rustling, ring tones etc.

The elements affecting better or worse quality of an audio recording depend on various factors, and some suggestions are as follows:

Make sure that the speaker is placed at a correct distance and ensure he/she is speaking directly into the microphone.
Reduce to a minimum all noise and sounds coming from the environment where the recording is being made.
Suspend recording in the event of any breaks or moments of confusion; do not record files of more than one hour in length.

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