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How Trascrivi works


Simple, fast, cheap, but above all professional.

Register free of charge, in just a few seconds and with no commitment, in order to receive your password to access the service;
Log in using the user name and password sent to you by Trascrivi;
Upload the file you want to transcribe.
An email containing a free sample of converted text will allow you to assess the quality of the transcription and to decide whether to go ahead with automatic conversion, or whether to request the services of our professionals for perfect conversion of your recordings.

Only on the basis of the free text sample will you be able you to decide whether and how to go ahead with transcription of the complete audio file. 

If you have any doubts or queries, you can contact our staff.

Register now free of charge

Register now on trascrivi.it, free of charge and with no commitment, to test the service immediately. You will receive a free assessment of your recording by a team of Cedat professionals within 48h (the original audio file is all-important in order to obtain top-quality transcription), along with a free transcription sample.