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Trascrivi.it. – Frequently Asked Questions.

The term environmental is used to refer to a recording where the microphone is not placed at a short distance from the speaker’s mouth, but is rather inside the room or – more precisely – the environment where the speaker is. In these cases, in addition to receiving the speaker’s voice in a less clear manner, the microphone also picks up all the other sounds in the environment (background noise, rustling, other voices, coughing, mobile phone ring tones, etc.). Therefore the signal of interest is both distant and disturbed.
The elements that contribute to a reduction in the quality of the audio recording to be transcribed are as follows:
- environmental audio recording
- presence of background noise
- presence of background music
- overlaying of several voices
- presence of non-native speakers
- presence of sector-related terminology or specialist language
- broad use by the speaker of proper nouns, abbreviations and foreign words
The transcription will be affected if your audio file contains all of the above or a large number of them.
Generally speaking, we can work on any audio format: mp3, wav, ogg, wma, avi, mp4, mov, wmv.
However, preliminary checking on a sample lasting a few minutes makes it possible to ascertain whether the transcription is possible or not.
Yes, of course. In this case, delivery of the audio recording in digital format may also be requested.
If the audio recording you wish to transcribe is not in digital format, please contact us at 800.149.000 (toll-free).
Yes. Our system allows for delivery of the file to be transcribed and filing of the transcription to take place solely within a reserved area, in order to guarantee maximum confidentiality and respect of privacy.
The price includes delivery of the text inclusive of any formatting, as to be agreed with the customer.
Our operators are highly specialised and have accrued wide experience in a variety of sectors; however the presence of sector-related terminology and wide use of technical terms entails continuous research and documentation on the part of the operator in order to ensure correct transcription and a top-quality service.
There are three in total, i.e.:
- the quality of the audio recording
- the type of transcription requested ('easy' or 'pro')
- turnaround times.
The text is delivered in digital format (txt) in order to guarantee maximum compatibility and ease of use.
There is no limit to the quantity of audio recording we can handle, but in order to facilitate uploading and downloading, we recommend you upload the audio recording in units of not more than 2GB each.

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