General contractual terms and conditions for use of services offered

img and are web sites (hereinafter the “Sites”) owned by Cedat 85 s.r.l., with registered offices at Via di Monte d'Oro 16, 00186, Rome, Italy (VAT No. & TIN: 01322700749). provides services entailing the transcription of spoken language into written text, for private individuals, companies and public organisations.

The Site mainly provides news and general information regarding:

This document defines the conditions of use of the transcription service provided by through its portal located at:// and

  1. Acceptance of Conditions of Use.
    Access to the site by visitors (hereinafter “Users”) shall be subject to these Conditions of Use  (hereinafter “Conditions”), just as any amendments or integrations made to the latter pursuant to Article 2 below.  Use of the Site shall entail acceptance of the Conditions and the obligations to comply with said Conditions. Should you not intend to accept the Conditions and be bound by them, you are asked to refrain from using the Site. Access to the service shall be subordinate to completion of the registration procedure which obliges Users to provide updated, complete and accurate personal information and to expressly accept the conditions listed below.
    The end recipients of these general conditions shall be both users already registered on the portal, and people planning to register ex novo.

  2. Amendments to Conditions: Site closure; Suspension of access to Site; Exclusion of products or services from Site. shall reserve the right to make amendments and/or updates to the structure and content of this web Site at any time and without any advance notification. Said amendments and additions, shall come into effect immediately upon publication. Publication can be performed using any means, including, but not limited to, the Site. If the Site is used following the publication of amendments or additions to the Conditions, these shall be taken as automatically accepted and binding. The information contained in the Site may not be updated at regular intervals and shall not undertake any obligations with regard to the constant updating of said information. shall also reserve the right to close the Site or suspend or limit access to the Site, for any reason and at its own discretion.

  3. Limitation of responsibility with regard to Site.
    Under no circumstances shall be responsible for direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damage resulting from or related to the use or impossibility of use of the web Site. The Site may contain links to third party web sites that are not under the control of may provide said links for the sole purpose of making it easier for Users to obtain specific information, without performing any prior checks or approving the content of said sites. Therefore, shall not be responsible for the content of said sites under any circumstances.

  4. Cookies.
    The services offered on use session cookies solely to improve navigation within the site. The use of said cookies may be disabled depending on the browser in use. In this case, site navigation may not be as easy as before.

  5. Copyright.
    Copy right and all other property rights regarding the structure and content (for example, and without limitation, texts, audio recordings and software)  of this web site shall belong to The structure and content of this site are the property of
    Unless agreed otherwise, the structure and content of this web site may be reproduced and used, without any amendments, and with mention of the source, for personal and non-commercial purposes only. Any other use of the structure and content, including, without limitation, distribution, amendment, exposure or transmission shall be strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of All listings of copyright or other rights must be maintained in all reproductions.

  6. Procedure to access service.
    To access the transcription service:
    Users shall access and register free of charge, choosing from Easy Transcription or Pro Transcription services. Once registration has been completed, users shall receive a password via email to access personal areas. Users shall upload audio files from their personal area subject to installation of a necessary Java applet. Users shall be notified via email that a transcription sample (5 minutes of the total file) is available for assessment inside their personal area. Users shall access their personal area, check the quality of the transcription sample and decide whether or not to purchase the service. Should they decide to avail themselves of the transcription service for the complete file, Users are directed to the payment area. Users shall be informed via email that the transcription is ready and may be downloaded inside their personal area.

  7.’s obligations. shall undertake, with the exception of different rules contained herein, to provide the service with the terms agreed at the moment of the request. However, said terms shall not be final or indispensable. shall also undertake to manage processing of the User’s personal data, provided upon registration with the service, maintaining complete confidentiality and security and, in any case, in compliance with privacy legislation as set forth in Legislative Decree No. 196 of  30.06.2003 (see Privacy Disclosure).

  8. Users’ obligations.
    Users shall guarantee the truthfulness and completeness of all information and personal data provided upon request of the service or subsequently.
    Users shall also undertake:
    not to use the service for the purpose of communications that cause damage, harassment or disruption to third parties, or that breach current legislation in any way;
    not to use the service to disclose written text or other material considered libellous, obscene, blasphemous, racist, pornographic and, in any case, contrary to public decency;
    not to use the service in breach of legislation regarding the protection of confidentiality;
    not to use the service to disclose material protected by copyright without the consent of the party concerned;
    not to allow use of the service by unauthorised third parties;
    to protect their computer systems from access by unauthorised third parties or computer viruses;
    Should said obligations be violated, Users shall keep and all other representatives or appointees, harmless from any action taken in their regard and from any damage to property or other kind of damage which said clients, or third parties, incur.
    Users shall undertake to promptly notify of any complaints or queries regarding services received. In any case, Users shall undertake not to bring any legal action against, without having notified the company’s managers beforehand of any problems encountered.

  9. Rates and payment.
    The cost of the service shall be calculated on the basis of the transcription mode (Automatic/Easy; Transcription and Revision /Pro) and of the turnaround times involved, as shown below

    EASY Transcription
    Delivery within 1h 12h 24h 48h
    Cost/minute* €0,49 €0,42 €0,35 €0,28
    * Rates are calculated in relation to the actual duration of the audio file, including recording intervals where no speech is present.

    PRO Transcription

    Following file upload, a quote shall be formulated containing the cost of the service on the basis of the user’s specific requirements.

    Payment can be made via the following methods:

    Credit card (Paypal);

    Invoices for services provided shall be issued upon payment of the service requested.

  10. Guarantees and limitation of responsibility with regard to the transcription service. shall guarantee the good outcome of the service which, however, shall remain strictly linked to the quality of the audio recording and of the spoken words. Therefore,, cannot be held responsible in any way for shortcomings or flaws in the quality of the transcription should the uploaded file contain intervals of silence in the recording or, by way of example but not limited to, background music or noise, overlaying of several voices making it impossible to perform a correct transcription, even if said elements were not present in the completed sample compiled for assessment purposes. cannot be held responsible in any way for delay, malfunctioning or suspension of the service caused by unforeseeable events or force majeure, or in the event of default, tampering, fraud or abuse by the User or a third party . cannot be held responsible in any way for damages that the User or third parties may incur as a result of improper use of the service provided.

  11. Court of jurisdiction and applicable legislation.
    The Court of Rome shall be the sole court of jurisdiction for all disputes that may arise in relation to this contract, with the exclusion of those expressly excluded by law.
    Italian legislation shall be exclusively referred to for all matters not expressly provided for or regulated herein.