About us

img springs from the innovative drive of experts in the transcription sector, with the aim of dealing with problems linked to the conversion of speech into text, proposing top-level solutions. is a privileged showcase, designed and created to offer technologically advanced solutions and highly professional services for people needed qualified transcription services (public institutions and organisations, private organisations) as well as for people offering said services (transcription companies, free lancers).

Mission’s mission is to modernise, innovate and increase the quality of transcription services, focusing on the opportunities offered by new technology and on the top-profile professional skills the market has to offer.

With this aim in mind, focuses on the needs of people requesting and offering transcription services in order to: combine a high quality of service and short turnaround times; make the matching of supply and demand easier; rely on highly-specialised professional resources able to suitably handle the various issues spoken about, in both Italian and foreign languages.

We feel that the reporting services market will be characterised by a considerable growth in demand over the coming years, combined with an increase in the request for quality services.

However, the current market is still firmly rooted to out-of-date technology and limited quality levels.

Therefore, we feel that integration between new technology and current reporting models can push the whole sector towards taking that leap of quality needed to better cater for market stimuli.

In this way, we can envisage a new concept of reporting which, released from inflexible processes and rigid cost structures, is able to offer quality services at low costs and may be accessed by people that have had nothing to do with this world up to now.